Confusion regarding connecting a gateway to the TTN host

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Using "", as marked as the correct host in several of the issues here in the forum, does not work for me on my 'packet forwarder' experimental gateway.

I do get a correct 4-byte ACK on my UDP status push message, but on my TTN gateway page the "Last seen" does not update (i.e. just a date further and further back in time).

However, if I replace "" with "" (an IP-address found here on the forum) it works well (i.e. I both get an ACK and the "Last seen" is updated).

So, I am a bit confused here; should I not use the named "" but instead the (to me more 'magical') IP-address of ""?

And why do I get an ACK from "" when my status message sent there clearly is ignored?


We have issues with processing the status messages from gateways. Gateway traffic should be handled normally and gateway last seen should be updated on messages, not on status messages.

The reason is an API change that had more impact than we expected beforehand. In any case, routing itself is not affected.

Also, do not use IP addresses. These IP addresses and issued randomly by our current cloud infrastructure provider and are subject to change.

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OK, thanks; good to know! :slight_smile:


What is the reasoning behind that? I would expect the 'last seen' status to be based on successful communication between a gateway and the network.

In my opinion a gateway is also 'seen' when a valid pull or stat message is received. Otherwise, when there is no node sending messages, the gateway will be reported as 'not seen' which can be interpreted as being down...


The answer is in the same paragraph as where you took my quote from: