Connect Kerlink to TTN backend

(Sabrina) #1

I am trying to follow this link and this one to connect my kerlink to TTN. The installed firmware is 3.1

I have thoses files on the USB used to update the gateway:
* dota_thethingsnetwork_v1.3_EU.tar.gz that I renamed to produsb.tar.gz
* md5 : that I generated for the produsb.tar.gz
* usbkey.txt

Appreantly the update did not work, I got the .log file on the USB after the update but I have no directory: /mnt/fsuser-1/thethingsnetwork on my gateway. I only have: /mnt/fsuser-1/dota that contains nothing

and when I start the command: tcpdump I got nothing

# tcpdump -AUq port 1700
tcpdump: verbose output suppressed, use -v or -vv for full protocol decode
listening on eth0, link-type EN10MB (Ethernet), capture size 262144 bytes

0 packets captured
0 packets received by filter
0 packets dropped by kernel

I have loraboard_conf.json in the directory "/mnt/fsuser-1"

# cat loraboard_conf.json
        "SX1301_conf": {
                "radio_0": { "rssi_offset": -170.5 },
                "radio_1": { "rssi_offset": -170.0 },
                "tx_lut_0": {"dig_gain": 3, "pa_gain": 1, "mix_gain": 8, "rf_power": -3 },
                "tx_lut_1": {"dig_gain": 3, "pa_gain": 1, "mix_gain": 9, "rf_power": 0 },
                "tx_lut_2": {"dig_gain": 3, "pa_gain": 1, "mix_gain": 10, "rf_power": 1 },
                "tx_lut_3": {"dig_gain": 3, "pa_gain": 1, "mix_gain": 11, "rf_power": 3 },
                "tx_lut_4": {"dig_gain": 3, "pa_gain": 1, "mix_gain": 13, "rf_power": 7 },
                "tx_lut_5": {"dig_gain": 3, "pa_gain": 2, "mix_gain": 9, "rf_power": 9 },
                "tx_lut_6": {"dig_gain": 3, "pa_gain": 2, "mix_gain": 10, "rf_power": 10 },
                "tx_lut_7": {"dig_gain": 3, "pa_gain": 2, "mix_gain": 11, "rf_power": 12 },
                "tx_lut_8": {"dig_gain": 3, "pa_gain": 2, "mix_gain": 13, "rf_power": 16 },
                "tx_lut_9": {"dig_gain": 3, "pa_gain": 3, "mix_gain": 9, "rf_power": 18 },
                "tx_lut_10": {"dig_gain": 3, "pa_gain": 3, "mix_gain": 10, "rf_power": 20 },
                "tx_lut_11": {"dig_gain": 3, "pa_gain": 3, "mix_gain": 11, "rf_power": 22 },
                "tx_lut_12": {"dig_gain": 3, "pa_gain": 3, "mix_gain": 12, "rf_power": 23 },
                "tx_lut_13": {"dig_gain": 3, "pa_gain": 3, "mix_gain": 13, "rf_power": 25 },
                "tx_lut_14": {"dig_gain": 3, "pa_gain": 3, "mix_gain": 14, "rf_power": 26 },
                "tx_lut_15": {"dig_gain": 3, "pa_gain": 3, "mix_gain": 15, "rf_power": 27 }

        "gateway_conf": {
                "gateway_ID": "9999999999999999"

I don't know what went wrong, any ideas?


(Mediocre Lora User) #2

My advice would be to factory reset your Kerlink gateway.
You can do this like so:
1. Press and release the reset buton
2. Wait between 4 and 10 seconds.
3. Repeat point 2. and 3. 22 times!

Now you should have a fresh gateway.

My Kerlink gateways are working fine and I only used the configuration instructions provided by The Things Network.

Good luck.

(Sabrina) #3

thanks and how can I be sure that the installation went okey.
Does the directory /mnt/fsuser-1/thethingsnetwork need to be created?
Does the following command tcpdump -AUq port 1700 need to display outputs even if no device is sending data?

and when I register the gateway to the TTN network should it be displayed as connected?


(Mediocre Lora User) #4

The directory /mnt/fsuser-1/thethingsnetwork indeed has to be created.
Mine contains the following files:

I'm not sure if tcpdump -AUq port 1700 produces any output when no device is received.
I executed this command and got some output every second or so, some output showed that I received a device.

My gateway says it's connected when I go to the console.
Also, if I check on the map my gateway appears.

(Sabrina) #5

Thanks for your response.
Found the issue : I was using the wrong file, I have to use the one for the 3.1 firmware.

Any idea how to see logs in the gateway? my device is not able to join the network. I can see the join request coming on the TTN console but apparently it is not receiving the Join accept.

(Phylo) #6


how did you solve your problem? Were can I find other files? I'm stocked in the same situation as you did. I use firmware wirnet_3.1 and installed the packed-forwarder as describe here:
A factory reset didn't help and the folder for ttn is still missing.

(Sabrina) #7

I got it from here:[]=produsb#b_produsbtargz

But I guess the same file is here: in

(Sabrina) #8

you can also install the dota package using scp:

scp dota_thethingsnetwork_v1.3_EU.tar.gz  userName@gatewayIpAddress:/mnt/fsuser-1/dota

and then reboot the gateway