Connected Hive

Hello everyone,
I started a year ago to develop a connected hive. The prototype I am currently working on, uses a Lora communication system through the things network to node red and finally the Blynk application
Starting from my prototype, I developped a PCB with Kicad. In this PCB there is a ESP32 module, a RFM 95 lora, Deepsleep mode, load sensor with hx711, BME280 sensor and multiple DS18B20
3D lora node

My PCB is now working after some time spend on it!
lorawan lorawan1 lorawan2



Quite interesting! Would you share some more details about this project? I mean code, PCB, …


Hi, just wondering why you’re monitoring the hive. What information are you getting out of it?

one of the most information I need is the weight and also the internal temperature.

I believe if u also use a mic to monitor frequency and volume this can give early warning if about to swarm :wink:


I am also beekeeping and I am very interested in details of the project. Thx

aktually i am testing a version of heltec cubecell with ads1115…

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I you want more information you can find here :

Last test I did is the sleep current. I can measure less than 70mA

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THX a lot!
I’ll try under 1mA with cubecell-devboard, solar-battery-management and LoRa integrated, and very small :slight_smile:
the problem is the integration of the loadcell, the cube currently only supports a few sensors, but i’m confident …
if i am closer to the solution, i will report back here :slight_smile:

Sorry I wrote the wrong unit :wink: I got 70µA

ok… best! I’ll try it.