Connecting bluetooth device to LoRa node


I like the look of these:

There is some python code that exists to read the data:

Would this python run on a Pycom? Could I use that Pycom to send the data to the Things network?


the problem is normally that it only communicates with a free app… so you have to crack their protocol first

indeed… someone did the hard work :wink:


Since the protocol for the Flora Monitor is documented online and the code you provide offers a working example in Python, the only thing would be to port it to microPython.

You would possible have to replace the gattlib library with something else. There are examples on the pycom site that offer similar functionality, like scan for services and read them. I don’t have a Flora Monitor, so can’t test it for you. So far I only used the cheap soil moisture sensors that use a wired connection. :slight_smile:

If you get the data over BLE like in the example code, you can indeed then send that to the TTN network.


Thanks both I’ve since found that someone has also done some work on this for Esp32, platform, so I think I might try getting OpenMqtt gateway running on a ESP32

Wish me luck…


ok good luck… and keep us informed ! :wink: