Console "Login failed" message after delete old account registering new one

Today I deleted my old TTN account and created a new one.
After my e-mail varification I logged in without problem.
I openned the console and choose Europe 1 and continiued futher with my e-mail address and BAM error message:

Please attach the technical details below to support inquiries

Error ID: error:pkg/web/oauthclient:exchangeCorrelation ID: fde7e59884af43c89c477b701cd4a74e

Here the technical details:

“code”: 7,
“message”: “error:pkg/web/oauthclient:exchange (token exchange refused)”,
“details”: [
@type”: “”,
“namespace”: “pkg/web/oauthclient”,
“name”: “exchange”,
“message_format”: “token exchange refused”,
“correlation_id”: “fde7e59884af43c89c477b701cd4a74e”,
“cause”: {
“namespace”: “pkg/account/oidc”,
“name”: “deleted_user_exists”,
“message_format”: “a deleted user with the same email address already exists”,
“correlation_id”: “d4b939d0f5b246cc8c804a0546de96ab”,
“code”: 9
“code”: 7

Can someone tell me whats wrong and how to fix this ?

would appear to be the problem - and Slack #support would be the best way to get to the people with the keys to the database.

You say “Slack #support” I suppose Slack

@ descartes
I did get support over there at Slack thanks for the help.

@geert-lora, I’m not sure if this means you got a response from the TTI team and it’s now fixed?

Or not?