Console says "Disconnected, try to reconnect"

(Basvaningen) #1

My TTN Console says "Disconnected, try to reconnect".
Tried login on different pc's. What's the problem??


Does a refresh help, or is it always disconnected?

cc @romeovs

(Basvaningen) #3

Hi Johan,

A refresh does not help, even logging in on a different workstation doesn't work.

(Mimite) #4

I am having the same issue


A connection to one of the backing services was misbehaving. I restarted the console and this mitigated the issue. Will investigate why this happened.

Thanks for the report!

(Basvaningen) #6

@romeovs the problem looks solved. But now i have another problem. I can't see any application data anymore. The node data stays empty. But on the gateway i can see the massages beeing forwarded. 22 minutes ago it was working.

(Thomasn) #7

Is this problem back again? I can't get the console working. It keeps saying 'disconnected, try to reconnect'. Reconnecting doesn't work, logged in & out,...


Me too :sweat: