Correct ABP Setup for MultiTech Gateway

(Dan VO) #1

Dear all,

Currently, I'm using a RN2483, and MultiTech Conduit (MTCDT-210A Firmware1.4.3) as a gateway to setup a local LoRa network but the MultiTech gateway is not very stable.
I send an 8-byte message every 10 mins but the loss is 20-40% (I lose 1-2 messages in 1 hour).
I'm wondering if I configure the gateway correctly?

I tried both Public (0x34), and Private (0x12) as well as Disable/Enable Duty Cycle but the MultiTech gateway is not able to catch some messages from my devices.

From Statistics -> LoRa, The number of Total Packet doesn't increase if I miss a message, and nothing is changed ( If I "Clear History", the gateway will never be able to catch messages from my registered devices again. I have to delete nodes, and add them again)

In Node-Red application, I just print out messages that I sent so that I can observe the result.

From the device side, I put it 4 meters away from the gateway. I do the join request once, and keep sending unconfirmed messages.

mac set ar on

mac set devaddr xxxxx

mac set appskey xxxxx

mac set nwskey xxxxx

mac set sync 12/34

mac set adr off

mac set rx2 3 869525000

mac save

mac join abp (accepted)

Send a message
Send a message

I tried with a couple of differnet node (RN2483), and obtained the same result.
I performed another test in which I sent a message each 1-2 minutes. The gateway behaviour was the same meaning sometimes the gateway received a message, sometimes it didn't receive anything.

I appreciate any help from you guys.
Thank you,


(Btran) #2

Hi Dan,

I would suggest to create a ticket with Multitech at




We are having the same issue, were you able to solve ? This would be much apreciated!!!
Advice anyone ?