Creating an own backend

(Joeyboth) #1

Hi guys,

Is it possible to create an backend webapplication where you can add and see applications, devices and the data from the devices?

If thats possible, how can I do it ? Is their an tut, or something what I can use on GitHub ?

I hope that you guys can help me. :smile:


J. Both


(Joeyboth) #3

Yeah I know, I saw that. But we want to make our own backend for our team. So my question is, what code do I need an application and devices on our own backend.


I think its best to start HERE and learn how you can get data from your sensor / gateway over the things network, next step is to get this data in the form you want.

(Arjan) #5

You’re asking an awful lot. That said: TTN Console will be open source in version 3 of the TTN backend software. See The Things Network Stack V3 - Webinar by Johan Stokking.


I’m installing and using this one on my gateways when needed offline working solution

Works perfectly with my custom GW with Pi Zero and RAK831

You can connect a web application (I’ve also done it) installed locally with MQTT or Websockets to the Local LoRaWAN server.

I’m using v0.4.13 for now without any issues.