Cubecell AB01 & AB02 in Low Power Mode

Hi guys,
I’m very sorry if it’s a repost but i couldn’t find a forum with clear informations.

Few months ago I used to make an end-device with CubeCell AB01, with sleep mode drawing 40uA of current.

Now I want to make another one, but impossible to do so ! My multimeter says 2mA in deep sleep… I would like to do it also with a AB02, but it’s the same (~3mA)

I power my cubecell with LiPo battery (around 4V) with the connection under the board. I use the basic code SendReceive in LoraWAN_minimal exemple of the library Cubecell-Arduino.

Any idea ? Thanks !

Sorry for the inconveniance : I forgot to turn off the LED on the board :sweat_smile:



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