Data forwarding Problem from V3 devices via V2 gateway's

Good morning,

I noticed a problem apparently with forwarding data from V3 devices via V2 gateway’s, a very strange behavior.

I noticed this only by accident, because I have deleted a device irtümlicherweise not in the V2 Console, but another, so that I have displayed some hours on the weekend the data in the V3, which were also sent via a Webkook to the Opensensemap, until then suddenly nothing more arrived.

When I looked in the V2 Console, which was also still open, I could see, however, the data arrives, so the device definitely still seems to send …

If the Device can of course still send its data, it does not get of course also that it does not arrive in V3.

Have I made a mistake in the migration from V2 to V3 ?

I have simply
Device EUI
Application EUI
App Key

in V3, then deleted the Divice in V2.

for a short time the receiving worked in V3…

Maybe someone else noticed this ?

many greetings

Check from message counts it looks like a PacketBroker problem last night through this morning…looks to be up again now