Data from LoRa sensor node to adafruit IoT!

(Jhenins) #1

Hi folks! : sunglasses:

I would like to ask for some help / tutorial on how to send and visualize my sensor node data to adafruit IoT?

Thank You!


adafruit is very active with LoRaWAN So I expect soon some sort of tutorial/integration on how to create a dashboard connected to TTN

(Arjan) #3

As far as I know, Adafruit IO only works when storing the data into their system. For that, they offer an MQTT server, which needs a client to connect to that. But the TTN MQTT server is not such client, so cannot delegate the data to Adafruit. They also offer an HTTP API, where its webhooks could be invoked from the TTN HTTP Integration:

Send arbitrary data to a feed via webhook URL.

The raw data webhook receiver accepts POST requests and stores the raw request body on your feed. This is useful when you don’t have control of the webhook sender.

However, I don’t see how you’d extract the data after having posted it. So unless the “Feeds” nowadays allow for advanced settings to define the data, or the dashboard “Blocks” nowadays allow for displaying specific JSON attributes from a custom feed, I’m afraid you’re going to need an intermediate server to bridge between TTN and Adafruit IO.

(Koenn) #4

Here you can find a tutorial to submit your TTN payload to the Adafruit IO platform through IFTTT, because (as far as I know) the http integration of TTN cannot be manipulated enough to submit straight to Adafruit IO:

(Amedee) #5

Can probably be done relatively easily with NodeRed – but as you say it requires a 3rd party server…