Data message considered as Join Request


I have an issue concerning data message sending. On other plateforms (actility) I have no problem.

My module is correctly joined to LoRaWAN, it sends 1 or 2 data messages without any problem. Then, the next message is considered as join request for no reason. After that, every data message sent are not received on TTN and do not appear in logs.

I’m afraid you won’t get much help unless you provide many more details. Above all: what’s that exact troublesome message? Why do you think it’s considered being a join request? A raw full LoRaWAN packet as received by the gateway(s) will help debugging. Screenshots of the gateway Traffic and application Data from TTN gateway might help too. And details about the device and gateway(s), and the gateway setup. (Like: does it forward packets that have CRC errors?) And what does “are not received on TTN and do not appear in logs” mean exactly?

But above all: that raw LoRaWAN packet that you say is the start of the problems.

Used Gateway is not mine. I’m afraid i can’t check traffic.

Without prove it didn’t happen.

That just doesn’t happen.

What might happen would be that the LoRaWAN part of the firmware of your node for some reason decides to transmit a join request rather than a data message when the application part of the firmware requests to send data.

But a LoRaWAN frame as transmitted over the air either is a join request, or it isn’t: The headers and contents are different, and they do not get mistaken for one another.

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Sounds like your lorawan stack has been reset in some way. What kind of hardware and what software are you using?