Data storage integration removed?

The data storage integration has disappeared in my application and I can’t find it anymore in the integration’s pannel. According to the TTN status, this integration is available. I am the only one having this problem?
My application is connected to ttn-handler-eu.

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I’m seeing the same, but for an application that already was using it, it still works for me. The Swagger interface is also still shown on https://<my-application-id>

Missing existing integration

Missing in add integration

hello … i have the same problem here.
1-how we can get the swagger link if already we didn’t save it.
2- how we can delete that integration.
please help

Same problem here. Data Storage integration dissapeared and I didn’t copy the culr function to check it that still works.

Is it having an update or is it being deleted?

Thanks for your answer, that works for me too.

It’s in my earlier post:

Of course, change <my-application-id> into the id of your own application.

Why? Surely it will be fixed.

The Swagger page also shows the curl commands: first click the Authorize button and paste an access key into that, and then click “Try it out” to see the commands. Like:

curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'Authorization: key ttn-account-v2.QQ<redacted>fLQk' 'https://<my-app-id>'

Of course, that’s only needed for debugging; any applications relying on the integration surely still know the endpoints.

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Thanks for your answer! It does work indeed :blush:

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It is currently not possible to create, update or delete storage integrations. Existing configurations are not impacted. The team is investigating.

We’ll post updates on

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thanks for the response

thanks for the response its updates two hours ago and the problem fixed