"decoded_payload" is missing

I was able to receive the measurement data for the first few days.
For the next few days, I could not receive the measurement data.
And I was started to receive data again.This cycle.

The sensor is sending data to the server.
But there is missing payload part.
What could be the cause?

Device is
Model lht65
MicrosoftTeams-image (1)

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The absence of f_port in the left one suggests that this message was sent on port 0 which is for messages between the end device and the network server (typically MAC commands), and those messages don’t have an application payload to decode.

Thank you for your explanation.
Do you know what caused this situation?
Also, how can I get the data again?

It’s a ’live stream’ so you can’t….grab it live as it comes through when it is gone it is gone……unless you have enabled Storage Integration option in which you get approx 24 hrs to pull old data……