Deleted gateway seems to be still working

I have a new gateway that I added to TTS but I have entered the wrong ID (ac1f09fffe06…). I deleted the gateway via the web console and re-add the gateway with the correct ID (hy-2e97…). However, I can still see the deleted gateway forwarding uplink to my application, and the newly added gateway is showing disconnected. Any idea or ways to solve that? Or I just have to wait until TTS’s database get updated/refreshed at I don’t know when?

The still existing “deleted” gateway forwarding to application…

"rx_metadata": [
          "gateway_ids": {
            "gateway_id": "ac1f09fffe06...",
            "eui": "AC1F09FFFE06..."
          "timestamp": 2224470944,
          "rssi": -41,
          "channel_rssi": -41,
          "snr": 12.8,
          "uplink_token": "Ch4KHAoQY..."

When making changes to gateways, you typically need to wait for some time for it to update. You can also try disconnecting it, waiting a minute and then re-connecting it.

@johan it looks like the “gateway watch” logic doesn’t automatically disconnect gateways when they get deleted. Should we maybe add that?

Thanks for the info, after waiting for ~3 hours it is updated and now functioning normally.

Rebooting the gateway makes no difference (RAK7268C), in case anyone is experiencing the same issue.

I think a deleted gateway should at least not forward uplink to applications? Even if it is still marked as connected.

I agree. I filed an issue for this; Disconnect gateway when it gets deleted · Issue #4901 · TheThingsNetwork/lorawan-stack · GitHub