Deleting gateways per API

Hi all,
is there a way or method for deleting gateways per API call ? If so, thanks for any hints or examples.

Yes, we have the Delete RPC in the GatewayRegistry service.

The HTTP binding for that is DELETE /api/v3/gateways/{gateway_id}.

See also the documentation: Gateway APIs | The Things Stack for LoRaWAN

For an example, just open the developer tools in your browser, and delete a gateway from the Console of The Things Stack. But keep in mind that you can’t re-register a gateway with the same ID after deleting it.

ive tried setting up a rak 2245/pi4 as a gateway, I installed the software and added my Gateway ID but there was a problem so i deleted and started again, Now i cant re-add the gateway to IOT as it states ID in use. is there a way to fix this issue?

Nope. You can reuse the EUI but not the ID - the trick here is to be clear about which is which.

Please search the forum for other exact same posts or read the documentation for more information.

much appreciated for the quick reply