Design LoRaWAN Gateway with sx13xx

Hello, I want to build a LoRaWAN gateway by raspberry pi and sx13xx chip. how can I design it?
I think I want to program the RPI and connect it to sx13xx by SPI. What other components do I need to add to the circuit?

Check the Semtech website, they have application notes with reference designs. Be prepared for hard RF design.
Or buy a production board made by a reputable company and save yourself a lot of time and headaches.

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Indeed, there’s no reason to try to put baseband processor and radios and RF circuitry on your own PCB until you have a need which cannot be met by existing modules.

And even there, it would be absurd to do so until you’d gained some experience running the existing modules and designing digital radio products.

If you really want to DIY, building something around the bare node-class radio chip would be a project of more manageable scale and cost. At least do that first as warmup.

Thanks for your comment,
At the first step, I want to work on RPI, What development kit do you recommend?
(contain LoRa chip that I connect RPI to it by SPI and start to programming)

Hi @MajidPvn,

you can use RPi hats from IMST or from RAKwireless. Of course there are also others from different manufacturers.

Possibly easiest way is grab a RAK Pilot GW or an iMST Lite GW - then you get a known good working system, RPi, Concentrator card, Rf/Pi interface card (more reliable than direct loose wiring), viable working GW s/w image to start from and a housing/ant/psu etc. then take it from there.

I have had success with both :slight_smile: