Device wont join/uplink anymore

Hello again!

I have a device (watermeter by iotvega) deployed out in the field and since a week it won’t correctly join the network anymore and send uplink messages.

It’s currently using a TTIG gateway located closeby. (I’m sure thats the only one because the location is very remote and the TTN network is not yet active there)

I cannot physically access the device but twice a day it tries to connect but it gets stuck on joining. It tries a bunch of times but to no avail.

I was wondering if this is due to the migration to V3, and that the TTIG gateway isn’t registered there yet, or that something broke.

  "gw_id": "eui-###",
  "payload": "ADFFVlNhZ2V2Bl84VjczMDJRzfbBwes=",
  "dev_eui": "###",
  "lora": {
    "spreading_factor": 12,
    "bandwidth": 125,
    "air_time": 1482752000
  "coding_rate": "4/5",
  "timestamp": "2021-06-18T17:27:13.507Z",
  "rssi": -75,
  "snr": 6,
  "app_eui": "####",
  "frequency": 868500000

The only thing that shows up in the v3 console of the end device is:
Accept join-request

This is what my v2 console looks like:

The weird thing is also that the accept-join request shows up in the v3 console, the last seen time updates accordingly. But then later on when the accept-join request disappears from the live data the last seen devices resets to the actual last uplink I received before malfunctioning.

Up and downlink counters are also not updating.

Does anything look wrong from the event data from the v2 console?
The air-time seems way too high no?
I’m a bit clueless and it will be a while before the location can be accessed

Did you change anything a week ago?

As for airtime, that’s because it’s joining on SF12, which is normal.