DIY gateway stopped working and getting hot

(Vlaming Boyz) #1

Hello all,
I have made a Raspberry Pi Gateway following this tutorial.

It has worked fine for many months. Since today, it started functioning intermittently. It was receiving messages but not transmitting. Also, the LoRa chip was getting hot.

Now it has lost connection altogether.

It is connected to WiFi, and the WiFi has remained the same.

  • maybe your SD card got corrupted, reinstall software ?
  • is your power supply still ok ?

(Vlaming Boyz) #3

Power supply is still fine.
I will try the SD card,

(Vlaming Boyz) #4

Ok I went through the process of setting up the SD card again. Deleted the gateway, then registered it again. Didn’t change anything. Gateway does not connect.


and your RPI… is it working 100 % without the 880a gw ? ethernet/wifi

(Vlaming Boyz) #6

It seems to be working now again. However it is very intermittent. One moment it works fine and can handle > 10 messages in under a minute, and other moments it is very slow to connect…