Doubt ttnmapper


I am new to LoraWAN and TTN. I have a gateway connected to TTN and I still do not have any node registered in it because I am waiting for it to reach me. In the meantime, I have it on ttnmapper and my gateway receives messages (now it has accumulated 1077).

My question is if you are connected and receiving messages, because in ttnmapper I don’t see those connections and it indicates:

Online but no coverage mapped yet.

I have also tried to create a node in my ttn console and associate it with my gateway and use this virtual node in the Android application, but it does not work either.

If you can explain a little how the ttnmapper works and also that of the Android application, I would appreciate it.


Until you receive an actual transmitting node, this is as far as you can go.

Your virtual node, even if you entered it’s details in to the Android app, won’t have sent any radio waves to the gateway, so no signal information for TTN Mapper.

Once you have your node, follow the instructions on the TTN Mapper website, you’ve done most of the work, just waiting for the delivery now!

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Even if TTN Mapper could get all transmissions for all devices (which it cannot), it would still not know the location of random LoRaWAN devices which traffic might be received by your gateway.

Instead, TTN Mapper relies on people explicitly going on the road for mapping. This needs either a special mapping node that has GPNS built-in and sends a specific message, or just any node that is registered in the TTN Mobile app, and is at all times kept close around that app to allow for using the app’s location.

Well, most of the work may be taking the mapper node outside to do the actual mapping. :slight_smile:

Having just moved, once I have my main antenna mast up I’ll be wiring a GPS enabled node in to the car so it just runs - and in a months time I’ll look at where I have to go to fill in the gaps.

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Thank you very much for your responses, it has been very clear to me. I am eager to try it and shipping is delayed (I have been 1 month …).