Downlink gateway selection algorithm for LoRaWAN

I am now studying about the algorithm of downlink gateway selection for LoRaWAN but all that I found is the theoretical knowledge (in articles, websites, videos, etc). Since now I want it to be more practical, does anyone know or could share the links of the websites or github that have the codes about the downlink gateway selection in LoRaWAN? Right now I have only found one in Chirpstack.

Thanks in advance.

Have you checked the The Things Stack sources? It is not exactly hiding itself on github…

Firstly, thanks for your quick response. Then, Yes! I have also found it on github and I am now studying on it. Just except TTS and Chirpstack I couldn’t find other open sources, maybe it is the problem of my vague key words for searching.

There are probably not a lot of other open source implementations. Keep in mind writing a LoRaWAN standards compliant stack takes a lot of time and resources. Most commercial parties won’t be sharing their code.

Maybe ‘LoRaWAN Github’ ?

Yeah it is reasonable that open sources are rare so maybe I’ll study the codes in Chirpstack and TTS for the moment

Thanks for you advice. Actually I tried but the problem is that the large amount of codes are quite hard to read since most of them are not commented, so it is not easy and really takes time to find exactly the codes about the gateway selection.