Downlink issue (observed at OTAA)

I have an OTAA and downlink issue:

Every now and than I have the problem that I cannot get a join accept from the network.
It happens to multiple devices. Both self made and using RN2483 and commerical like the xignal mouse trap.

I do receive a good OTAA join request in my application but the device never receives a join accept.
When this happens I see always that the strongest gateways, that shall be selected to send join accept, have no gateway-id: (See below)

Evidence of occurring phenomena captured from console in application data:

  "time": "2019-10-21T17:52:01.998784717Z",
  "frequency": 867.9,
  "modulation": "LORA",
  "data_rate": "SF12BW125",
  "coding_rate": "4/5",
  "gateways": [
      "timestamp": 512377268,
      "time": "2019-10-21T17:52:01.945049Z",
      "channel": 7,
      "rssi": -109,
      "snr": -7.25
      "gtw_id": "eui-0031552048001a06",
      "timestamp": 1738476220,
      "time": "",
      "channel": 1,
      "rssi": -101,
      "snr": -16.5,
      "rf_chain": 1
      "timestamp": 11735132,
      "time": "2019-10-21T17:52:01Z",
      "channel": 1,
      "rssi": -71,
      "snr": 9,
      "rf_chain": 1

It is an intermitting fault that has happend several times over the last weeks (may be months).

In slack I raised the same question in OPS ( and the responces make clear that we have a serious issue that is real.

Who else has this issue? Please comment your observations on this topic to get a good overview of the issue and indication of the size. Thanks.

My question to TTN or TTI is to look in to this issue and solve it.


I’ve never seen a receiving gateway listed without it’s EUI, which handler are you using?

Perhaps the gateways in question aren’t correctly configured with TTN, I’ll try and replicate this issue on my end.

I’ve seen data with no gateway information on one packet and with gateway information on the next without any changes to the gateways. This is an issue in the backend as I’m experiencing it with Kerlink (stock firmware), TTIG and multiple gateways running MP forwarder.


Same problem here with some OTAA nodes happened several times over the last weeks and we are also having some problems with ABP.

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