Downlink Messages intermittently being received by RN2903

(Jbcross) #1

I am having an issue not always receiving downlink messages on a RN2903 node. I am using a Multitech Conduit gateway, packet forwarding to the TTN server.

Sending messages from the node works every time. I am using the AU915_928 frequency band and I am wondering if anybody knows what value for RX1DROffset TTN uses (0,1,2 or 3)?

I have been told the RN2903 uses a value of 3 for RX1DROffset and I suspect TTN uses a value of 0. This means the receiving window data rate value on the node and TTN end will be different.

I have very good signal and do not believe it is a range issue

(Inditn) #2

Hi, does your RN2903 works with AU channels? If yes, what firmware do you use? Thank you. Martin

(Jbcross) #3

Yes the RN2903 does work with AU channels. However you will have to contact Microchip Australia to get the correct firmware for the AU channels.