Downlink messages section on v3.6.0


I have already setup TheThingsStack v3.6.0 to experiment and I noticed that there is no downlink section as in the community TTN. I search a lot within the network server’s menu, but I couldn’t find something similar. Is there any other way to send downlink messages on later versions or am I missing something ?

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Search is your friend:

So, you’ll need to upgrade to 3.8.2 or later:

And a nice overview of differences for TTN Console between V2 and V3:

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Hi @fandrit, the answer is yes. The same downlink function exists on the web console in version v3.8.3 which is the latest version. I have used it and can report that it works in the same way. If you also use the web console to look at the application or device data then you get a lot more information on v3 than the current TTN v2.

Thank you @arjanvanb, @cultsdotelecomatgmai.

Version 3.8.3 is now installed and it seems that the downlink function is there now!