Dragino DLOS8; Online; receiving status packets but no upload packets


a Dragino DLOS8 is connected (online) i see in the console status packets but there are no upload packets.

“name”: “gs.status.receive”,
“time”: “2023-05-29T19:01:09.576820495Z”,
“identifiers”: [
“gateway_ids”: {
“gateway_id”: “xxxxxxxxxx”,
“eui”: “A84041xxxxxxxx”
“data”: {
@type”: “type.googleapis.com/ttn.lorawan.v3.GatewayStatus”,
“time”: “2023-05-29T19:01:09Z”,
“versions”: {
“ttn-lw-gateway-server”: “3.25.1-SNAPSHOT-414e327a2”
“antenna_locations”: [
“latitude”: xx.5683,
“longitude”: x.30237,
“altitude”: 70,
“source”: “SOURCE_GPS”
“ip”: [
“metrics”: {
“rxfw”: 0,
“ackr”: 99.6,
“txin”: 0,
“txok”: 0,
“rxin”: 0,
“rxok”: 0
“correlation_ids”: [
“origin”: “ip-10-100-4-135.eu-west-1.compute.internal”,
“context”: {
“tenant-id”: “CgN0dG4=”
“visibility”: {
“rights”: [


What can be the problem?

Where can i find a description of the status message?



Do you have a device uplinking? (probably yes, given your other topic).

The documentation is linked bottom right of every single console page.

However as you note, they are status updates, aka gateway alive, so it tells you that stats.

You’ve redacted the EUI which is public information and the location, which is public information, but not the IP address …

Please review your use of the </> tool to make sure it worked before posting - the preview is on the right of the message box. Cheers.

Thank you for your answer.

So in the console there were same counts of uplinks (see picture), but there are no uplings from the devices and i testet the gateway with a ttn-mapper device, no packets comes from the Gateway.

I’m sure packages were also received during the setup at the table. Now in active operation in another network it does not work. Are status messages also forwarded if, for example, port 1700 is blocked by a firewall?



where are your gateway located, indoor, outdoor

The Gateway is located outdoor, during a test one identical Gateway is placed near the same position but this Gateway had a LTE-connection.

Hello, I have almost the same problem, I’m reading a TLC2 temp data each minute and DLoS8 gets the information in non correlative way:

And likely exceeding FUP in the process! What do you need to measure that is changing so frequently?

See https://avbentem.github.io/airtime-calculator/ttn/us915/3 and back off accordingly (not I see you are at SF10)

LoRaWAN is the wrong technology for (semi) realtime measurements. Once every 10-20 minutes is realistic. If everyone would deploy sensors using this interval you would get a denial of service with a few hundred sensors, so just a few hundred users with one or two sensors. (Or one stupidly causing his own DOS attack on his own use case)
Regarding your issue, check which frequencies are enabled in the sensor.

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If you need minute readings, accumulate ten of them and send once every 10 minutes.

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Thanks, got it… I’ll change the data rate…

You need to lower the uplink frequency as well. Even SF7 does not allow for a once a minute uplink frequency within the fair use policy.

The FUP is a key element to the continued free provision of the service from TTI.

Please ensure the community knows that you know what it is by being clear what you are changing and what you are changing it to.