Dragino gateway

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Hi all,

I just bought a dragino Lora gateway and I want to know if somebody knos how to configure to connect to TTN server.

Thank's in advance


LG01-P dragino

this one ?

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I'm sorry, but I could not find the info, my dragino is not a hat is this gateway:



somebody has to write new firmware and recompile I guess .. but its still a single channel gateway

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When you said single channel, is not useful for receive data from one node?


yes that's possible.. this gateway can receive a LoRa signal from a node, but I don't know how to connect this 'gateway/lora receiver' to TTN.

if they mean by IOT server a LoRaWAN connection ...

I see they have a kit

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ok, if you know, please tell me, ok?



(Jose Marcelino) #8

This "gateway" is an Arduino (ATMega328P) + Sx1276 connected to a OpenWRT router over serial.

You can't use this with TTN other than as node. Personally I think Dragino is conning users by calling this a gateway.


they sell it as an LORA gateway .. not a LoRaWAN gateway.
I think it's an interesting product.. might buy one actually :sunglasses:

(Jose Marcelino) #10

Seriously a Raspberry Pi with a LoRa shield is a lot more flexible, better and cheaper than this product.

In any case whatever you do don't waste your money on the OLG01 "outdoor" version. It's a piece of junk and not remotely outdoor ready.

(Jose Marcelino) #12

This is quality you can expect in the "outdoor gateway"

Plugs not fitting properly, holes look like they were made with a soldering iron (melted plastic around the edge).

Amateur hour.



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this link is supposed to provide information

(Arjan) #15

Wow, even their own sales image shows the soldering iron holes, with brown burn marks (and a different position of the antenna connector).

(Fspr) #16

I have it connected to ttn
Look at thr wikipedia page

(Dridi93) #17

Hi ,
Does it show that the data has been recieved or only that it is connected ? in my case I have been trying to connect a node with this type of Gateway, but it only show that it is connected with no messages recieved.

(Fspr) #18

So far only connected. No packets recieved in the webpage!

(Fspr) #19

Need to check the channel they operate on!

(Dridi93) #20

I am in the same situation, I am losing hope that this thing works with TTN, sigh..

(Ameisina) #21

We have made a video with a simple example to show how to connect the dragino lora gateway to TTN.
Here is the link: https://youtu.be/Egm6LAlvNAs