Dragino LGT-92 - LoRaWAN GPS Tracker

I can see this thing making join requests, but never being acknowledged and therefore not getting payloads from the device. What have I done wrong? Where to look? … other devices fine so not a gateway/network issue as far as I can tell … this is an OTAA join.


there is a new manual with the ’ correct TTN payload format ’ and howto register


entering the TTN keys in the device with AT commands like this


Thanks, yes - have all that. The issue is that it’s not completing the OTAA join – per the screenshot.

Note that clicking a Join Request in TTN Console will show you the details of all gateways that received the request, including their RSSI and SNR.

Thanks. As it happens there are a bunch of Gateways visible (mostly mine!) … Have not seen this particular problem, with other end nodes (and I have played with a lot of them now!)

Will check out this advice.

Hi this is Sam . I am planning to setup a LoRAWAN tracking system for my research at my University for my team and was wondering that do we need LG308 and LG92 both ? Also how many LG92 can a single LG308 support at a time ? I would like to use the dragino trackers in USA so how do I change the frequency on LG92 to support US network on LG308 ? Hoping for your response

I have a problem with this too. I am using LG02 gateway and LGT 92 tracker with frequency US915. I am recieving hex data but it is not showing up on TTN although the gateway is showing at TTN and whenever i enter a valid AT command to the GPS Tracker it shows AT_ERROR which is a generic error. I just type AT and it shows Error. It is also running some cde itself again and again.


Can you check if the keys are correct? There should be a Join Accept message followed by Join Request.

Update Time period is acquire GPS fixing. In this period device can’t accept AT commands.

okay so it gave some output today on its own when i booted the device and it took one AT command but again it started GPS NO fix issueCapture

And after all of this it showed some garbage outputCapture

I bought a couple of LGT-92 for some testing. The first impression is very good: good price/quality ratio. I have two questions:

  • at which cutoff threshold is set the battery? I have one of them running with the default application (GPS packets around ~ 3 minutes) since 11 days, showing around 3.67V in the last packets, and I wonder how much it will last.
  • I see the antenna is marked as 868-915. Do you have some more detail about it?

Hello @UdLoRa,

I have two of them in 868-915 version.

From the hardware point of view, there is only two versions:

  • 433 version with SX1278 IC
  • 868-915 version with SX1276 IC

You can upgrade to any compatible firmware:

  • 433 version : CN470, EU433
  • 868-915 version : EU868, AS923, AU915, KR920, US915

I’m in Europe, I have bought a EU868 version, and after a US915 version that I have upgraded to the EU868 1.4.1 firmware. Both are working like a charm :slight_smile:


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Thanks but… my questions were specific, and I supposed Dragino was checking this thread. I have a couple of them too, at the end I found by myself the threshold is around 2.6V, (2 weeks running), and still I would like to know specs of the antenna :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the update about the threshold (useful for me too :slight_smile:), and sorry for my “basic” answer about the antenna. I didn’t understand that you would have some detailled technical specs about it !
Regards from Switrzerland

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Hi @UdLoRa,
I have some questions about this device, if you can help me.

  • What battery did you use? (capacity in mAh)
  • Can the send_time be changed via AT commands?
  • Does it sleep between uplinks? (Does it enter on low power mode?)


I just bought it and used as is, with the original hardware and software. So: 1000mAh, there is a serial interface I did not use yet because missing a TTL adapter (look at the manual for specific commands); I did not check the sw but is open source so you can look at it to see whether it sleeps or not. However, with 1000mAh for 14 days, I expect it is sleeping.

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I just bought this thing and want to ask you if it is possible to visualize the GPS coordinates on a map?
What steps would I have to do?
(I am a TTN rookie) :slight_smile:


You have to integrate it with some application. There are platforms ready for that (Cayenne and others) but since I did a small dashboard by myself, I cannot suggest one specific recipe (if you are a programmer is not too difficult). Start from here for an overview: https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/docs/

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Thank you for your quick reply.

  1. Is there a howto that explains how to setup cayenne with LGT-92?

  2. when using Cayenne: Do I see a „track“ of the GPS coordinates (history) or only the latest coordinates?