Dragino LGT92 activating at V3 console

hi all,
i am really new in the IoT “Buissness” but i installed sucessfully a mikrotik gateway and an temperature sensor.
Now i tried to activate my Dragino LGT92 tracker but i have to insert the AppEUI an the field for this is with 00 at the end. My AppEUI ends with 02 :frowning:
What i have to do here ? change the AppEUI in the device ?

thanks a lot

Hi @dh6mbt – you should use the Keys given by with the device inside of the packing should be a white label with printed secrets for your device. — DeviceEUI, ApplicationEUI and Application Key — the 00 behind the field is a “button-function” to generate an AppEUI (to fill the AppEUI with zeros ) … (possible to use if there is no AppEUI given by ) — just use your secrets from the device ! thats it !

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ARGH - my mistake sorry. of course there is enough space for the whole DevEUI facepalm

Now i entered all information and i can see the tracker in the gateway live data log with JoinEUI: xyzzzzz DevEUI: xxxyy Bandwith SNR RSSI and also inside the payload there are coordinates. but in the application it is marked as “last seen info unavaiable”

looks like for me that the activation didn`t work ?!?!?!

Any idea where i can find more logs/error messages/help ?

Thank you

Have you set the ‘verbose stream’ check in the gateway live traffic? The messages there could provide additional clues.
In general, if a join request doesn’t make it to the application you need to check the EUIs and the AppKey. In 99% of the cases there is an issue with one of them (B and 8 are notoriously interchanged when entering the values)

@dh6mbt just let me answer something before we are talking about different things

as mentioned from @kersing please double (or better tripple) check your registered secrets from the device as first step - if all this is fine and correct - here my thoughts:

  • in the gateway live traffic you can see some coordinates ? → they should belong to the gateway-location (if it was located in the settings of the gateway) - this is not sent payload from your new device (LGT92) - you will not see any payload decoded of any device in the gateway-live-traffic

  • the payload as readable coordinates from your LGT92 device will be visible after decoding. therefor it must be joined succesful in TTI-CE first. so what can you see in the devices live-window ? (move to applications, your application, move to your device and open the device. Next to “live data” you will find “see all activity” - expand this and then activate also checkbox “verbose” to get more informations about your devices traffic.

hi all,
i checked the rigistered secrets now more then 3 times. also i copy it and copare it in the editor. everything looks like correct.
you are right, the coordinates i can see are that one from the gateway.
i can see the device at Application-> MyApplication → End devices with Last seen: unknown
Details show me the Device with End Device ID, App EUI, DevEUI and AppKey ( i checked again :wink: )
Live Data: waiting for events from a38…

thanks again for you fast replay