DRAGINO problems and solutions topic part 1

Hi everyone

I am testing Dragino’s single channel gateway and Lora device in the AS923 environment.
Please tell me how to solve some of the problems that I am facing.

  1. Test environment
  1. LoRa gateway
    LG 01-JP (firmware IOT-4.3.0, single_pkt_fwd_v 002.hex)
  2. LoRa device
    Lora mini Dev + Arduino-LMIC for LG01-JP for AS923
+ helloworld_otaa.ino / helloworld_abp.ino
  1. Problems faced

When both OTAA and ABP exceed the frame counter 140, the TTN connection is lost.

OTAA Frameup Counter: 144
ABP Frameup Counter: 147

3.My Sketch - setup () function

LMIC_setClockError (MAX_CLOCK_ERROR * 1/100);
LMIC.dn2Dr = AS923_DR_SF9;
LMIC_setDrTxpow (AS923_DR_SF9, 13);


LMIC_setClockError (MAX_CLOCK_ERROR * 1/100);
LMIC_setLinkCheckMode (0);
LMIC. Dn2Dr = AS923_DR_SF9;
LMIC_setDrTxpow (DR_SF9, 13);


Just noticed that Dragino LG01 have released new firmware and lorawan scripts for Single Channel gateway


Not tested, may look later to see whats changed… added downloads packets it says

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Hi, jezd.

Thank you for your reply.

I have not tested it since I read the new firmware and single channel forwarder release. Because it does not support AS923.

Hi, jezd.

According to your advice, I changed the firmware of LG01-JP to IOT-4.3.2 and packet forwarder to single_pkt_fwd_v003.hex, but the problem was not solved.

ABP stops at 147 and OTAA stops at 144 or 145.


My advice? anyway, I updated the code here and the basics still seem to work, I didnt do any more testing than that - I did note they single_pkt_fwd_v003.hex code didnt change the version number reported by the internal web page, in fact I dont think they changed the old version in the source code

Playing with single channel gateways just reminded how incredibly limiting they are sadly - its back in the cupboard for now

Hello @HaSch
I’m trying to build a gateway with Raspberry PI3 and Dragino Hat, which allows downstream messages.

Looking in the forum, I found your post in which you claim to have tried the code this code: https://github.com/bokse001/dual_chan_pkt_fwd/tree/dual_chan_pkt_fwd_up_down
and after some changes you are able to make it work.

I’m not able to find other posts on the subject, being the post dated,
I ask you to confirm if it works and allows the downstream messages.


I can confirm that Pi 3 with Dragino Hat works with the modified boksem code as I described with up and download.

Thanks HaSch
I will try this code with your changes

Has anyone done any dragino + mqtt direct application? the dragino firing the packages to the server on a normal pc via mqtt?

Hi all
I did the test with Raspberry PI3 and Dragino Hat v1.4 and
I confirm that with the changes suggested by @HaSch ,
it works
by also receiving the Downstream Messages !

I made a further modification to the global_conf.json file

For the test I used a sensor with the code .ino taken from the examples folder of tftelkamp / single_chan_pkt_fwd.git,
subsequently modified, to transmit, only on channel 868100000

The default installation on the raspberry, / bokse001 / dual_chan_pkt_fwd
receive the messages only on channel 868300000, so I modified the global_conf.json file
by inverting the values of the two freq and freq_2 fields
{ “freq”: 868100000,
“freq_2”: 868300000,

{ “freq”: 868300000,
“freq_2”: 868100000,

in the sensor code, to receive the DownStream message,
I added the following line of code, inside the setup () function, before do_send (& sendjob);

 // Let LMIC offset for +/- 1% clock error
 LMIC_setClockError (MAX_CLOCK_ERROR * 10/100);

Hello. Using my LG01P gateway, I am not able to transmit the incoming data (via LoRa) to the server. Someone with similar problem? Each time you transmit different, always forward the same value to the server

Hi all
to implement, a gateway with Raspberry PI3 + Dragino Hat v1.4, which allows to use the Downstream messages, I opened a new Topic where I gathered all the information

Hello Everyone, I’m from India and ordering A Dragino Gateway with 868 Mhz option.
But my node SX1272 sends payload from 865 to 867 Mhz Frequency.
Does Dragino scan the spectrum from 865 to 868 Mhz ?
We have already tested successfully our node device with Kerlink and MultiConnect Conduit with 868 Mhz as they are able to scan and receive from 865 to 868 Mhz range.
And will I be able to receive the data with Dragino 868 Mhz ?

hallo, plz help me, i use lora mini dev + Lora GPS/Hat at same freq (868mhz), and i use sensor node dht 11 humidity, i just can recieve data from lora mini with serial to my laptop, i don’t know how to connect lora mini to lora hat, lora hat is actived and connected to TTN, i use single channel pkt fwd, please help me give me a sketch or anything how to connect lora mini + lora hat and get the sensor data…

Hey, I managed to solve this issue by resetting the frame counters on the device settings in the TTN console (Overview tab). After the counter reset, the node status changes and the TTN begins logging the payload data once again.

Hi Everyone, i have build a Single Chan Gateway with the Dragino Lora GPS Hat and the Packet Forwarder by Telkamp (https://github.com/tftelkamp/single_chan_pkt_fwd) and connected it to TTN. (I know this forwarder is deprecated) Im receiving packets from some Node, but on the TTN Console it doesnt show any transfered Data in the “Traffic” Section, it is empty.
I already checked the UDP connection, which seems to be fine. TTN is definetly getting the status msgs with the gps data. (Shows the location of the Gateway on the map, at least on the TTN mainpage https://www.thethingsnetwork.org)
The “Received Messages” counter on the console only shows 2, even though I received much more packets with the gateway.

Does anyone know why there is nothing listed on the “Traffic” section on the TTN console?
And does anybody know how to fix it?

Thank you guys very much.

How are you sure you are actually receiving more packets with the gateway than the 2 Received Messages that your counter shows? If you are referring to the output that you see in the terminal after starting the Single_Chan_Pkt_Fwd routine on your RaspberryPi that isn’t always packets being received. I don’t have access to my Pi at the moment but you will see periodic updates in terminal that are just the Packet Forwarder routine running through it’s loop but unless you’ve actually received something it won’t show up as traffic on the Console.

Yes, I’m pretty shure about that. Unbenannt

Ok, so you’re using the dual_chan_pkt_fwd now and not using the single channel packet forwarder you alluded to in your other post. It could be the problem here if things weren’t set up right but you are still right that you have apparently received packets. Are you using the Dual Channel setup that Batigolle has used?

The next assumption is that the reason you’re not seeing it in TTN is that the packet is not meant for TTN. I pick up random packets here in Montreal that I know do not show up in my Gateways count, as I can pretty much guarantee that that count number I see are all messages from my sensors. At least on my test gateway as it’s not that high of a number.

Thanks a lot for your concerns. Right now Im using the Dual Channel Packet Forwarder that Batigolle introduced in the forum, but its based on the Single Channel Packet Forwarder by Telkamp.
I thought that unknown Packets from different Networks than TTN are also received and processed by the servers and then dumped.
I’m wondering why the TTN Console shows 2 received msgs but doesn’t show any information in the Traffic section.
Next week the hardware for my node and a real LoRaWAN Gateway Module should arrive, then I can continue testing the TTN.