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there is a lot of info to find… and we can’t guess what you have changed.
jumpers changed ? … added a new sensor ? added conflicting library’s / timers

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I think I add a conflicting library, but tried to go back and remove all that I could remember, I even recovered from my backup drive all of the arduino folder prior to having the problem.


after reading THIS you can post your full code here So other users can have a peek too.

and explain what you are trying to achieve.

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I’ve resolved this issue, but now would like to set a single frequency (as before), but I’ve forgot how to do it.

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What your looking for is here, and probably a couple other places in the multiple Dragino or LMIC related posts. Make sure you know what version of the LMIC library you are using before figuring out which set of code you should use.

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I am total beginner to LoRaWAN and networks in general, but I was given a task to deploy a LoRa network using the Dragino LoRa Kit. The build I am using is as follows: Gateway is the LG01-P model (915Mhz), and my node is Arduino Uno + Dragino LoRa shield + SR04 sensor.
I have successfully established uplink communication from node to TTN, and I can view all the traffic. Now, my next step is to figure out how to do downlink…

I am simulating downlink messages from the TTN console, and I can see that the payload is scheduled, then delivered. Also, the console output from the Dragino gateway itself shows that the downlink message was indeed received, and forwarded (if I am not mistaken) but I get nothing in my node’s log.
I tried to confirm if the packet forwarding code used supports downlink and I found this in Github - Gateway Packet Forwarding Code - and it seems to support downlink.
Device activation mechanism used is ABP.

These images show what I meant above –

Gateway Console

TTN Device Data

TTN Gateway Traffic

My question is --> How do I successfully relay downlink messages to my node? I am not sure where to look exactly.

Thanks in advance.

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