Duel fuction End Node and standalone broadcast

Sort of a brain storming session. Is there any reason a device can be connected to TTN and still broadcast as standalone.
The desired function we are looking for is this.
When in range of TTN, the device will broadcast location information as normal across the network.
When out of range the device, the device will just broadcast a smaller packet of information for receipt by a handheld locate. To track down the asset in person. A “Beacon” or “find me” mode.

None at all.

But be careful how you go about determining you are in range of a gateway - lots of packets with confirmations flying around isn’t good for other devices in the area as they won’t be able to get through whilst the gateway is sending your node an ack.

Similarly, the standalone mode needs to consider other users on the frequency plan.

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Thanks for the confirmation.

The number of devices and duty cycles for this project are quite low so crowding shouldn’t be a problem.
Regular data (<355bytes) is sent every 8 hours with ACK.
The beacon mode we still have to determine a good balance of battery life/ usability/ user crowding.

Hopefully a lot less. 355 bytes will be way too much for a LoRaWAN packet.

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