Duplicate Identifier error in Join Server

I’m trying to update a device in the Join Server that I can see in the TTN console but whenever I try to do so, I get a duplicate identifier error.
Seeing as this is a duplicate, I try to retrieve it but then I get a Not Found error. I’m guessing that this is because the device was deleted, however I’m not really sure that that is the case as I’ve never created it in the Join Server.
Why is this happening, and if this device really existed in the Join Server but was since deleted, is it possible to release the IDs so it can be recreated again?

The full error is:
{“code”:6,“message”:“error:pkg/joinserver/redis:duplicate_identifiers (duplicate identifiers)”,“details”:[{"@type":“type.googleapis.com/ttn.lorawan.v3.ErrorDetails",“namespace”:“pkg/joinserver/redis”,“name”:“duplicate_identifiers”,“message_format”:"duplicate identifiers”,“correlation_id”:“2ae0b8f96d54405f8d2832553c96d663”,“code”:6}]}

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@descartes Could you help out with this?

As far as I understand it is not possible to release an ID except for purging the device (which I am not quite sure if it is possible the Join Server).

Having the same issue!

same issue here. steps to reproduce:

  1. create new device using v3 api as described in the tutorial (Using the API | The Things Stack for LoRaWAN)
  2. delete device
  3. create device again

In step 3, the first POST request works and the device is created, but the following PUT requests to join server, network server and application server fail with error:

{“code”:6,“message”:“error:pkg/applicationserver/redis:duplicate_identifiers (duplicate identifiers)”,“details”:[{"@type":“type.googleapis.com/ttn.lorawan.v3.ErrorDetails",“namespace”:“pkg/applicationserver/redis”,“name”:“duplicate_identifiers”,“message_format”:"duplicate identifiers”,“correlation_id”:“d57b571d5e984a3c959eb76822e26dd3”,“code”:6}]}

Did you delete the device from the join, application and network server?

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@kersing thanks for your reply.
I’m not able to reproduce my error anymore - now it works without any code change.
maybe there was a temporary issue with deleting the device on join, application or network server…