Enclosures for nodes and gateways

(Nidaros) #1

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a good and professional looking case for my arduino uno + dragino hat and my raspberry pi + dragino hat. It needs to have room for the Uno, the hat and a GPS module. I don't want to order a custom made one if someone already knows someone who sells enclosures that will fit :wink:

(Alexbn71) #2

Since there are thousands of containers suitable for generic uses that fits your needs... is not clear what you mean for "professional looking" and "not custom made". Are you looking for an enclosure specifically designed for your specific hardware setup or a generic one? for indoor and/or outdoor use?


(Nidaros) #3

Hi Alex,

Not specifically designed for my hardware setup. It just needs to fit. And by professional looking I mean not some plastic kitchen container... :stuck_out_tongue:

(Radiokinetics) #4

For ODU get a Plastic NEMA 4 enclosure at an electrical supply house. If you put the antenna inside the enclosure put a sample of the plastic, including paint, in a microwave oven for a few minutes to test the permittivity. If it gets hot, that's bad.


I use enclosures from Fibox for almost all my outdoor projects. Industrial quality, all sizes and shapes and very affordable. This pic is from an outdoor setup that has been running for seven years now, and the inside is still spot clean.



(Toomany Secrets) #7

Im using this

(Geobray) #8

I got one of these the other day. Very rugged, pretty cheap.


Here it is next to the Dragino, Rpi's.


nice enclosure :sunglasses:

(Gig) #10

A cheap and practical solution is to use electrical "junction boxes" (French: boites de dérivation).
They can be fairly cheap, are widely available, and were tested for industrial deployment.

For instance, you can find 85x85mm IP66 cases for 3.5€ on Conrad, but really you can just go to the nearest hardware shop and they'll have them as well.

Of course, if you really want them to be waterproof you're going to need cable seals. Interestingly enough, you can wedge those 3dBi plastic antenna into a seal from the inside of the box in such a way it form a water-tight seal. Of course it's not completely weather proof (indoor antenna...) but it's a nice touch and it makes the case look like a giant phone.

EDIT: just like that: