End devices in TTN Version 3 do not send data after swtiching from TTN version 2

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A couple of weeks ago we have switched our Gateways and Sensors from TTN Version 2 to TTN Version 3. The sensors have rejoined the TTN V3 but now they don’t send any data. What could possibly go wrong here? Could it be a TTN Community Edition problem? What if we switch from Community Edition to Business Edition? All the sensors are within Gateways range and they should send data.

Any leads would be highly appreciated. Thank you so much.

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So, no uplinks at all but you definitely know from the records that they have joined?

We are on the same version as the TTI v3.

I think you are going to have to get some logs and setup some test nodes. Pick a convenient gateway, get hold of one of these migrated devices, preferably one with a serial monitoring port, cycle the power and see what happens on device, on the gateways internal logs, on the gateway web console and on the device web console.

End Devices (Tektelic sensors) have joined once and we can verify this with TTN Last seen status. Some are working fine and some shows last seen since 16 days.

Actually, we are using Tektelic sensors and we can’t check them via serial monitoring port. Some of our sensors (from the same manufacturer Tektelic) are working fine and I can see the uplink message in the Gateway’s console and also in the device’s console. But some of the sensors have rejoined and after some uplink messages, they are not sending data anymore. They are active and can easily reach the gateway.

Some what of a contradiction, but none the less …

Given that some are OK, it wouldn’t point in the first instance to a TTN v3 issue, otherwise none of them would work, do you know what firmware is on the different devices, maybe some need different LoRaWAN version support.

What does Tektelic think?

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There have been reports of nodes that required firmware updates because they incorrectly handled the TTN V3 MAC commands (and crashed). Have you contacted the vendor/manufacturer to check for known issues?

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Hi Kersing,

I have contact the manufacturer and waiting for the response. Thank you.

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