End node Lorawan position tracking

Ho everyone.
Do You know any end node seller that sell hundred low cost tracking Lorawan sensor, I mean some for people that don’t wont to spend more than 30 euro for a device. Service will be for a public community and I want to find something that do it’s work but not so expensive.
Thank you

Nevermind the hardware cost, please first see the many past discussions (including from earlier this week) which explain why for the most part this is not workable on a LoRaWan network, doubly so the TTN community network.

What topic do You talking about?

There are many, please use the search function and spend some time browsing in general, because there’s extensive coverage of this that doesn’t need repeating.

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Ok thank you

Tracking ?

That means little on it own.

Perhaps describe the actual project, what it is, what you want to track, how often etc.

This is a stage scenery:

network lorawan ttn coverage in 3km2 with 4000 people, hills and mountain around ( up to 1000 meters

  • public administration could use sensors to prevent fire, water leakage in the public buildings, count people in a museum, check waste bin, put some wheather station
  • private citizens could use GPS lora tracker pir sensors, door sensor…
    -shops could use sensors like private citizens

If we want a good response from cityzens sensor cost should be low, i suppose

So a typical community deployment then! :slight_smile: Similar to just about every other TTN Community network around the globe (though device emphasis and level engagement changes depending on where you are and how active the community members and any support from councils/civic organisations etc…