Error Message while testing Gateway with a LoRa Field Tester

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We want to test our Gateways range with Adeunis Field Tester. The Gateway receives the Field Tester Uplink message but at the same time shows the following error in the Live data console. Field Tester
Does anyone know why our Gateway Live data console shows this error? Thank you so much.

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Search the forum for the answer.

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Hey @LoRa_AuH,

This is likely caused by a bug in the Console, which I have fixed last week: Fix display of gateway downlink events in the Console by kschiffer · Pull Request #4101 · TheThingsNetwork/lorawan-stack · GitHub

It was merged into v3.12.2 which was deployed to TTN yesterday.

Can you confirm that it fixes your issue?

Go on @kschiffer, do explain how do we generate a console log line that is just an error message …

It is very intermittent so you’re going to have to run with how long before someone sees it again, or not. So if no one reports it in the next month, then like Schrodingers Cat, it is half-fixed.

Hey kschiffer,

Thank you so much. My issue has been fixed.

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