ESP32 Wroom with RFM95 and GPS module connect to TTN Mapper

Hello guys!!!
I will like to conncect ESP32 Wroom dev module with the help of RFM95 and gps module into TTN Mapper. First step was to connect ESP32 to TTN with OTAA and ABP with the help from RFM95. That step its already done. The GPS i am using is the NEO 6m from U blox. ESP32 and GPS are working perfectly. The thing is and now i gonna need some help from you guys is to get all in one and use those as GPS Tracker. Any advice is welcomed

Look here adapt code and pins to your project.


Ok after that how i am able to see my device tracker in to TTN Mapper map ?

I am geting the Latitude and Longitude as aplication data in TTN

LMGTFU. You can add an integration in your TTN for TTN Mapper.