Extending range via peer-to-peer communication or boosting/repeating

Dear TTN-Fellows,

In my project, the signal quality of the sensor nodes that are placed in the forest varies due to snow and canopy growth over the season. To guarantee a good signal, I am searching for a solution to ‘repeat’ the LoRa-signal. Are there off-the-shelf repeaters or codes for peer-to-peer functionality?

Currently, I am using Arduino for programming.

Thank you!

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Check this presentation by Nicolas Sornin on the basics for relaying, but keep in mind this is not implemented in any commercially available products at the moment. And TTN does not support it, so you need to implement a lot yourself.

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Hi @ecosoph, your situation is actually similar to urban environments; ground coverage (trees, buildings, etc.) blocking signal propogation.
The only real solutions at present - for both urban and forests - are to assume a reduced range (e.g. 1000m) and use a greater density of gateways or to get the antennae above the ground cover.

No there are none.
A good antenna (and height) and you can have a great reach.
Please use search right top corner.

*I don’t know why this normal info is offending someone (but I have an idea)