Fail to delete device in the things console

(Raphaelruet) #1

Hi all,

I have an issue when trying to delete a device from an application. I click on the "Delete device "link from the Settings page of a device and confirm its deletion. The page confirms the deletion with a green notification-like message. But when reloading the application’s devices list, the device is still present.

Thanks for any help and best regards.

(Raveniot) #2

Seeing the same issue over here, also with changing the device App Key (refresh reverts the change). I have also tried deleting the device from ttnctl using ttnctl devices delete DEVICE --handler-id meshed-handler with the following result:

FATAL Could not delete device. error=Could not delete device from Handler:handler:device:APP:DEVICE not found source=Wrap:/go/src/

Thanks in advance. Vanja

(Arjan) #3

Just a very wild guess: what’s the device id like? Any chance it contains some funny characters, or is all-numeric, or starts with a number?

TTN Console should not accept an ID it cannot handle, but who knows.


Device ID can only exist of lowercase alphanumeric characters, nonconsecutive - and _ and it cannot start or end with a - or a _

(I vaguely recall seeing someone report problems with that, but cannot find it right now.)

@raphaelruet, which handler are you using?

(Raveniot) #4

Hi Arjan,
The device ID’s in my case use both ‘_’ and ‘-’ in for the form of: device-app_000