Failed to connect to handler ttn-handler-asia-se


The error happens today?

(Hylke Visser) #2

We need a little more information than this...

(Jacklin) #3

Hi htdvisser,

Nice to meet you, there's a question need your support.
We're using TTN as our NS solution for several months but the connection seems fail just yesterday.
After checking setup, we found that the application runs in handler ''ttn-handler-asia-se'' is no any response. But the others run in ''ttn-handler-eu'' is normal.

Please kindly advise it. Much appreciated.


(Hylke Visser) #4

What do you mean exactly with "the connection seems to fail"?

(Jacklin) #5

Hi htdvisser,

The current handler we used is ''ttn-handler-asia-se'', we runs our LoRaWAN demo few months ago, but it doesn't show any updated data in web page from yesterday.

However, it is normal if we choose the handler as ''ttn-handler-eu'' based on the same GW setup. Is there any difference between these two handlers?

Thank you.


(Jacklin) #6

Hi htdvisser,

Is that possible to make a transition from ''ttn-handler-asia-se'' handler to ''ttn-handler-eu'' without changing/deleting any setup of application?

Much appreciated.


(Hylke Visser) #7

I will look into it. On your end, could you please check that your gateway is configured to forward to the correct address?

Assuming you use the Semtech UDP packet forwarder, these are the addresses: # Australia 915-928 MHz # Southeast Asia 923 MHz # Southeast Asia 920-923 MHz # Southeast Asia 923-925 MHz

It is not possible yet to move applications between two handlers, but this is on our TODO list.