Finding fixed location for best coverage

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We need to locate the best position to have the best coverage of the city

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Hi, In this case I suggest to use a RF coverage and planning tool. Using a tool you can input all candidate locations and point out the location with highest probability.
For this I use Radio Mobile and the "find best site" feature. A description can be found at:
If required I could assist you on this or make analysis.
Cu, Remko


Hello pe1mew,

I have never used this type of software before and not exactly sure how to.

I have some areas of land that I would like to determine what the coverage would be. Would you be able to help me with this?

Thank you,

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@Neilh No problem. Send me the information you have now and I will look in to it.
Based on the information I receive, together we can detail the questions you have and provide some answers.
Please send me a direct e-mail.


@pe1mew Thank you for your reply. I'm not sure how to send you direct email here so can you please email me at Thank you


@Neilh what coordinates would you like to have the coverage be calculated?


Note that LoraWan coverage is not analog to regular radio coverage, and having larger coverage can in some cases even be the worst option. E.g. a gateway on a very high tower is great for statistics and to generate a cool coverage map, but when LoraWan really takes off these gateways will be overwhelmed with messages from nodes very far away. It is also absolutely no guarantee to have any usable reception in or between buildings. It's kinda what telco's do: put LoraWan gateways on their cell towers so they can claim complete coverage of a region, with a map and all. But is that coverage actually usable? Nope, you still need a local gateway which they will happily sell to you :smile: .


Totally agree upon @Epyon,

this is after all what they call a multi-tenant strategy as well illustrated in het picture below.
At our premises in Leuven we have the pulic loraWAN from WirelessThings and a private architecture within buildings to caputre lora signals from within the walls and relay over IP to TTN.


agree, but it's FUN :joy: