First LoRaWAN Certification Program Pass!


You'll be pleased to hear that Microchip's RN2483 module used on TTN's Things Uno is THE FIRST END-NODE IN THE WORLD to pass the LoRaWAN Certification Program, launched by the LoRa Alliance in Rotterdam last month.

The certified version of the firmware will be posted on our product pages as soon as the documentation is finalised, and I'll add a link here.

(Nestor Ayuso) #2

The docimentation is updated at

This is the change log of Version 1.0.0:

Release for LoRaWAN specification V1.0
• Added support for additional RN2483 commands:
mac set sync
mac get sync
mac set upctr
mac get upctr
mac set dnctr
mac get dnctr
sys set pinmode
sys get pindig
sys get pinana
radio get sync
• Added new parameters to be saved in nonvolatile memory whenever a mac save
command is triggered
LoRaWAN current data rate
LoRaWAN RX2 window parameters (data rate and frequency)
Adaptive Data Rate status
LoRaWAN uplink frame counter
LoRaWAN downlink frame counter
• Changed the default value for the LoRaWAN End-Device Identifier (deveui)
• Changed the valid range for the radio set fdev parameter to [0.. 200000]
• Changed the valid range for the radio set bitrate parameter to [1.. 300000]
• Changed sys sleep command behavior to not influence the GPIO configuration
• Changed the 433 MHz radio frequency band to [433050000 .. 434790000]
• Fixed an issue that may have caused the RN2483 module to mishandle data on
LoRaWAN port 0
• Fixed an issue that may have caused the module to fail joining
• Fixed radio get snr command to display correct value

And the firmware and de update process is here (it is a very frustrating process, better to buy a new module)

Turning off RN2483 resets up/down frames

Note that Certification is ongoing for most of others modules that are already qualified on Network operators (so accepted by operators sucha as Orange or Swisscom).
I suppose they will be able to pass this certification as it seems lighter than operator test.