Fixed IP for Lorank8



Does anybody know how to give the Lorank8 a fixed IPaddress?

(Matthijs Kooijman) #2

I believe it runs Debian or a derived version (can't check my Lorank right now, though). If so, you would need to edit /etc/network/interfaces. See or run man interfaces on the lorank itself.


Hi Matthijs,

Thank you, we've modified the /etc/network/interfaces like the example below

auto eth0
eth0 inet static

but the Lorank8 doesn't get a Ip after reboot


I don't have Lorank8 but i have interfaced iC880A with beagle bone black, To give static ip i have following configuration.

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static


Ok, we see it's working now but the strange thing, we can't access the gateway by ssh2

(Willem (pe1dlf)) #6

which network are you using - the lorank has, but the gateway has they are in different networks this will not work.


That was an example config. I'ts working now:

now we're trying to access the gateway through SSH..strange thing we don't see the ipaddress with a scanner

(Willem (pe1dlf)) #8

can you ping the lorank8 - when it has a static address you know the ip, so why do scan ? what error message do you get when you try to connect, it might the client detects a conflict due to the changing ip address and refuses to connect ??


Nope, we can't ping, gateway has an ipaddress, gateway is online, I can send a message with my mote:

(Willem (pe1dlf)) #10

Look here for instructions to get access using the USB port - this should give you access to the lorank8 and see what's happening. Use ssh to logon ...

ps: use the method for getting access only - do not install new images to the lorank8


Thank you, that's exactly what I was looking for!

(Willem (pe1dlf)) #12

Good - please share with us how to set a fixed ip address for the LORANK8 - It looks to be slightly different depending on the flavour of DEBIAN used.

(Vanthome) #13

@ffwall I'm trying to interface with a BBB as well but can't seem to get it to work.
I have wired up everything correctly to SPI1 (/dev/spidev1.0) but I can't get the concentrator started.
I chose lorank as platform when I compiled the libloragw.
Also I made sure, the concentrator gets the Reset sequence.
Did you apply other special tweaks?

(Tim van Dam) #14

Use conman on the latest Lorank versions. Works great.


I missed this post but if this can help; these are the "static IP address" adjustments in /etc/network/interfaces, for the Lorank 8.

(Vanthome) #16

Hi, no that is not my issue. I meanwhile found out that it works for the Lorank because it uses Kernel 3.8.x with this Kernel, it works also for me. Can you check what Kernel version you are using?


@Vanthome, my previous post was an answer for w4e :relaxed:

But FYI, the Lorank 8 has kernel: 3.8.13-bone71.1

Kind regards,

(Vanthome) #18

@IoT_Marco ok, many thanks, that confirmes my tests. I can therefore not suggest you to upgrade it to any greater major release as it won't work after that.

(Kazi93) #19

Anyone knows a solution for this ? My internal network is static and I cannot see any hope. Waiting for your prompt reply. Many thanks in advance.

(Timminater) #20

I’m using a Lorank8 with fixed IP myself.

Connect Lorank8 with USB
Connect ethernet Cable (may need a temporary DHCP server)
Use putty to connect to the Lorank8

use command:
$connmanctl services

Take note of the interface you want to modify, the general format for a wired connection is ethernet_<MAC_ADDR>_cable

use command:
$connmanctl config <INTERFACE_HERE> --ipv4 manual

$connmanctl config ethernet_9cebe80f52b4_cable --ipv4 manual

hope that helps