[Fixed] - Strange Email - The Things Stack

Has anyone else received an email from The Things Industries Cloud cloud@thethingsindustries.com today?

It featured a private user’s gmail account and name and seemed to be addressed to me (by an automated system). [Which will not be shared here for obvious reasons]

" A new user just registered on Semtech. Since user registration requires admin approval, you need to approve this user before they can login."

It’s a little concerning as it contains random personal information unrelated to us as well. It also related to admin approval. I’ve checked our services just to be safe and it doesn’t look as though there are any new users, requests or changes.

Just wondered if anyone else has seen this today, or recently?

Hi @pcciot-administrator

Earlier today, you (along with other users of The Things Stack Cloud) received an email to grant access for a new user to your instance. This happened due to our mistake while testing a new notification service with a demo account. No device data, user data nor the system uptime was affected by this.

We have rectified this issue and the fix is already deployed. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Apologies for the inconvenience.