Found first ever CCCP IoT Node, or is it just my new TTN Mapper Node?


Looks like i found the first ever IoT Node and its from the CCCP - or may be not.

Putting the PCB from @douglarue and the TTN Node Workshop from @galagaking1 to work, i added the adafruit ultimate gps and the adafruit solar controller together with some cheap solar panel (found in the BARGAIN basement on this board) and a lipo akku. Put it together add some stuff like a switch and button and put it into a box which you style like you want. Now i got a perfect little TTNMapper box, thank you @jpmeijers for your incredible commitment in this community.

Now i have to run a test how long it will take till someone notice this box lie around and call the police...

Some pictures:

(Furriephillips) #2

The red & black wires being transposed on the straight and switched links to the @douglarue PCB, have triggered my OCD!


Yeah normaly there is a 3pin header (raw, gnd, 3.3V) on the pcb and i used to use the gnd/3.3V to solder the jsp-ph connector to. But with the power from the solar power (up to 6V) i have to use the raw pin and just moving the jst from 3.3V/gnd to gnd/raw switches the power/gnd. So my jst-ph connector is connected the wrong way around (would be okay if i would put it on the other side of the pcb...), so somewhere i needed to switch power/gnd around (got only assembled jst-ph connectors with cables) and thats why the color changed from black to red and red to black after the power switch ...