Gateway active passing packets but not connected or claimed

(Angel L. Martinez) #21

YES !!! Actually is ACTIVE, thanks for watch !!

Question is... why dont appear as ACTIVE on my TTD console ? Also, why don't appear on main communitiy Madrid site ??

I'm going to throw to the rabish my RPI + RFM95W single channel . I prefer your solution with ESP8266, works like a charm !!

Thanks, JBraam.

(Angel L. Martinez) #22

Hi gregger,

I'm agree with you about standarization for use LoRa in multichannel, BUT i think single channel option must not dissapear, because is cheap, easy to use for testing purpose and easy deployment for knowing the infraestructure.

About Class C node, where can i find more info ?



About class C, check Google :slight_smile: My idea is to unlock things, turn off and on simple tings, as an down link channel in real time, how important is this! Regarding the spectrum are this the responsibility for TTN? or are we all together as developers of new technology responsible?
TTN community have some posts of fair use, I do not understand anythings of that, TTN have to conform and do the best that they can, without interfering in development! “Fair use” is nonsense, and of course it is but as long as we conform and exploit the spectrum, as long as it as good it can be. But single-channels-gateways and single-channels-nodes can be the end… They can be legal but… In this special issue they can be the disastrous….
TTN must and as I belive will promote OTAA and an adaptive global network, the adaptive thing is the most important technology on this new free spectrum.

(Sofienjabou) #24

Hello sir,
i have installed the packet forwarder of ttn in my kerlink following this site: ,the gateway is showen connected by that there is no traffic of data, i'am using Arduino uno and a temperature sensor,but there is no data sent, can you please tell me what should i try or do ?