Gateway config questions using v3 console

Hi, I have a few questions regarding some of the gateway configuration fields in the v3.10.0 console. I don’t see any online help for the console so any insight is appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

General settings:

  • Gateway Status: Public enabled/disabled - what difference does this make to the operation of the network?

LoRaWAN options:

  • Schedule downlink late: enabled/disabled - what difference does this make to the operation of the network?
  • Schedule any time delay - what is this time delay for and what difference does this make to the operation of the network?

Gateway updates:

  • Automatic updates: enabled/disabled - is this configuration updates, firmware updates, or both? If I enable this how do you actually go about updating the gateway?
  • Channel - what is this field for, and what value do you put in here?

No difference at all, it just means the status of the gateway is not visible to other users querying the status endpoint.

These settings do matter. If you have a gateway running the old Semtech packet forwarder that gateway will not buffer downlink packets. Any new packet that is sent to the gateway will replace any packet pending transmission. By setting the late option you ask the back-end to transmit the downlink at the latest possible moment minimizing the chance of it being replaced by another downlink.
The time delay allows you to tune the setting, this might be required for network links with high latency to make sure the packet arrives in time for transmission.

These settings are only applicable for the TTN Kickstarter gateway and gateways running Basic Station. The updates concern firmware as far as I know and will automatically be deployed when the gateway checks in (at least once a day). The channel is where you specify information on where the firmware should be obtained. May-be someone from the core team can provide the details in this?

Thanks for your response @kersing.

To clarify, if ‘Schedule downlink late’ is enabled:

  • Will the server-side (gateway server?) buffer all downlink messages so no pending downlink messages get replaced, or does it just buffer the latest downlink message?
  • I’m planning on using Basics Station protocol to communicate with the gateway. Is this option still applicable when using this protocol, or can I just leave it at it’s default disabled state?

So this delay applies to downlink messaging only?

All of them, just the last one wouldn’t improve on sending it downstream where the old packet forwarder has exactly that behavior. (Just keeping the last one)

BasicStation buffers so keep the option turned off.

AFAIK it does.

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