Gateway ID claim process - UG85 milesight gateway must have GID & EUI same

I have recently migrated my UG85 milesight gateway to TTS v3 , unfortnatley i had to delete the gateway and add the gateway again because migration did not succeed, in V2 i used gateway id & EUI same id as required by UG85, but now TTS v3 says old gateway Id already Taken, you need to change it, Ug85 will not communicate if the gateway Id & EUI are different , how to claim the old original gateway ID in TTS v3
please advise

Firstly to clarify you don’t claim, you register…claiming is used for TTIGs. In V3 Gateway ID is a random set of legit characters of your choice and for your convenience. If you delete a gw and try to register again you can’t reuse the original gateway ID… just use another…e.g. muneerktug85gw ! You can reuse the immutable Gateway eui in appropriate entry. Gateway ID =/= Gateway eui…

Hi Jeff Thanks for your response, As indicated earlier the problem is in ug85 will work only if eui and gateway id are same , but i have used this gateeay id already during my earlier setup in v2 and now not allowing to use same gateway id
How to retrieve my original gateway id

Suspect gw’s Idea of gw ID =/= TTS idea of gw ID. Have you tried setting gw eui & gw ID Same on UG85, as you did previously, but then put eui in correct field in TTS registration then create your own gw ID for use on TTS console as suggested above? Please try then report back…

You can’t.

That’s not true. Because the UG85 has no way of knowing what ID it is on TTS.

Either believe us, search the forum for the hundred+ other exact same reports/requests, create a personalised ID as suggested above, enter the correct EUI, should take you about 60 seconds, and see what happens.

Or buy a new gateway.