Gateway in network

(Gerardvtk) #1

Last week I connected a gateway in a network and the IT department had the following question: what kind or protocol is used by this Semtech TTN gateway, how secure is it? Do you guys have more information on this? So for the next connection I can prepare some documentation. You know how it is to put a new device in a “big” network.


that’s not very much info … dragino ?

(Gerardvtk) #3

excuse me. No no, this gateway was the Multitech Conduit ( ethernet). thank you.

(Don Hege) #4

But what is the exact question? What protocol the Gateway is using to connect to the Backend?

(Gerardvtk) #5

Okay, I am not an IT expert. But my question is: somebody puts a gateway in a internet network ( at home or for a company) The gateway will have the contact with TTN and there is a information exchange between the gateway in the local network and the TTN backend.

But the problem is solved, I just found this page:
I thinks will information will cover the most questions. thanks
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