Gateway Metadata sorted

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I have a request regarding the meta data of an end device.
Would it be possible to sort the gateways in terms of ‘weakest’ to ‘strongest’ in the metadata of each end device?

This would be very convenient if you forward your data with a web hook to a 3rd party server application. In this way filtering the JSON data will be easier and if you’re interested in the strongest you will pick the top (or bottom) of the sorted gateways, instead of interpret the snr / rssi numbers.

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No one here will be doing that - please post an issue on GitHub but if you are using a Payload Formatter at either end, this should be trivial to do in JavaScript.

Hello Nick,

Thanks for your answer! I’m not sure if this is possible in the payload formatter or in javascript. Receiving gateways are only in the meta / JSON data?

Sorry, yes, only at the end of a WebHook/MQTT, not on the TTS server.